Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  What is the organizational structure of the Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund?
A:  We are a corporation (incorporated in Pennsylvania) formally named The Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Q:  Do you have a Federal Employer Identification number assigned?
A:  Yes, our Federal EIN is 82-4997175.

Q:  Is the MFMSF a charitable/non-profit corporation??
A:  Yes, MFMSF, Inc. is qualified under IRS 501(c)(3) as a non-profit

Q:  Are my donations to the fund tax deductible?
A:  We are set up to take tax-deductible contributions, but you should confirm with your tax adviser that your donations will be considered tax deductible.

Q:  Can I donate other items, such as yarn, knitting/crochet notions, a car, etc.?
A:  Currently we’re only set up to take financial contributions.  While you could contact any of the regional coordinators of the men’s knitting retreats to donate yarn or other fiber-related items, they wouldn’t be considered charitable contributions under tax guidelines.

Q:  Can I designate my donation for a specific scholarship recipient?
A:   While you can designate which regional retreat you want your scholarship funds donated to, specific recipients can not be designated for your donation.

Q:  Can I designate my donation or nominate my teenage son for a scholarship?
Participants of the Men’s Knitting Retreats must be age 21 by the start date of the retreat and so must any scholarship recipients.

Q:  Can I find out who received a scholarship based on my donations?
A:  We will post a list of any scholarship winners awarded from the General Millard Fontenot Fund on this web site and list the retreat for which they won a scholarship.  The regional retreat scholarship practices vary on how they announce scholarship winners.

Q: My retreat is expanding into having a scholarship as to include folks that may not have the money to attend a retreat. How do you manage the Scholarship Fund?
A:  We administered scholarship in a couple of different ways.

Each of our regional knitting retreats is coordinated by a volunteer coordinator who deals with all the finances and contracts with retreat venues.  He is also the one who has complete control over how scholarship funds are collected and awarded
It used to be that there were donations to each of the regional scholarship funds, and typically the coordinator would accept nominations for scholarships.  If there were multiple nominations, the coordinator would send out a list of nominees to all the regional coordinators asking them to vote.  Criteria for winning a scholarship varied, but it was usually the following three criteria (in order of importance):
1. Contribution to the men’s knitting community
2. Financial need
3. Diversity of the candidate
Since many of the guys wanted to be able to donate to the scholarship fund as a charitable donation, we set up a 501c3 organization which is the Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Millard Fund).
Guy can now donated to the Millard Fund and either:
– direct their donation to a specific regional retreat where the regional coordinator gets the funds to use as stated above
– direct their donation to the General Millard Fund, which accepts nominations for scholarship awards to any of the regional retreats.  Any General Fund Nominations are voted on by the Millard Fund board and awarded to the regional retreat for the purposes of paying for the participants retreat fees and/or travel stipend.
A: Do you have people nominating themselves at times?
B: Yes, we encourage guys to self-nominate.  It helps us assure they’re interested in actually attending and the nomination isn’t just a good idea that they have no interest in.

Have any other questions we should add to the list?  Please submit them on the “Contact Us” form on this web site.