How Does the Scholarship Fund Work?

There are multiple scholarship funds for each of the regional Men’s Knitting Retreats, each one solicits donations for their individual scholarship funds, although none of them are set up as non-profit, charitable funds.  

The Millard Fund was set up as a non-profit/charitable/501(3)(c) corporation and allows donors to designate their contributions to either one of the regional retreat scholarship funds or  a general fund that can award scholarships to participants of any of the regional retreats.

You can either donate to:

  • One of those regional retreats and 90% of your contribution will go directly to that scholarship fund with 10% going to either administrative costs for the corporation or to the general scholarship fund
  • The general scholarship fund and Millard Fontenot Scholarships will be given out to specific participants nominated for a scholarship

If you donate to a specific retreat scholarship fund, the scholarship awards committee for that particular retreat will solicit and review nominations, select recipients based on their selection criteria and award scholarship funds based on their policies and procedures.  Any donations designated to a specific retreat will be donated directly to the regional scholarship fund for awarding of scholarships.

Donations to the general Millard Fontenot Scholarship Fund will be used to award scholarships to specific participants of any of the regional retreats.  The nomination process, selection and payment of scholarship awards will be handled by the Millard Fontenot Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.